AV Gear UHD4K-88 V3 KIT - COMPLETE with 6 HDBT Transmitetrs and Receivers 4K HDCP2.2 Ultra HD


AVG-UHD4K-88 V3 KIT COMPLETE with 6 HDBT Transmitters and Receivers 4K HDCP2.2 Ultra HD


  • 4:4:4 Matrix 8x8 with GUI
  • Features HDCP2.2 4Kx2K and 1080p, 3d, CEC pass though
  • Includes 6 x HD32 sets and 6 x Zigen 2m HDMI Cables
  • HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.2 complaint, Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS-HD
  • SPDIF and RCA audio ports for audio de-embedding, Variable output for RCA
  • Fast Switching for instant display, Advanced EDID management, GUI control
  • Built in LCD display, Touch panel, IR, RS232 and TCP/IP control
  • Includes 6 x HD320 SETS and 6 x ZIGEN 2M HDMI Cables
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