Ergovida ESS-102 Glass Monitor Desk Riser - Triangular

SKU: ESS-102
Got a small L shape desk? Our triangle tabletop monitor riser ESS-102 was born for that case. Elevates the display to a more comfortable height for optimal viewing experience and helps reduce neck and eye strain. Ideal for cramped workstations and desks as it expands your work area upward, maximizing your available work area. Creates additional horizontal surface under the monitors to store your laptop, keyboard or other office related document or accessories.


  • Weight capacity 20kg
  • 2 height settings for optimal viewing height, height options: 80mm and 130mm
  • Increased storage room beneath the desktop
  • Non-skid Silicone Pads: protect work surface from scratches or scuffs


Material Plastic, Aluminum
Colour White
Dimensions 500 x 280 x 130mm
Screen Sizes 13 - 2"
Height Range 80mm, 130mm
Weight Capacity 20 kg
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