Screen Technics ElectriCinema 72"-100" 16:9 Premium Motorised Screen

SKU: 0607229-A

The ElectriCinema has long been the premium projection screen of choice for the AV industry, with all the high quality features that you come to expect from a Screen Technics product, rugged design, contemporary good looks and ease of installation with the universal bracket system

Control: Full integrated with Connect IP, 12v trigger, contact closure and IR plus the ability to link & group switch with other Connect control devices

Unity White                                                                                                              Why choose a White Screen? - Unity White disperses the reflected light back in multiple directions, not focused. This achieves an evenness of brightness across the entire screen from corner to corner. The Unity White surface is best suited to areas where you have full control over ambient light conditions and do not want to lose any of the brightness in the projected image.

PRODUCT FEATURES                                                                                            Description: Designer Style Motorised Projection Screen with Integrated IP, 12v Trigger, contact closure & IR Remote Control.                                                           Head Box: Powder Coat White as standard with Silver or Black as same cost option.                  
Surface: Unity White FG     

Borders: 50mm Sides & Bottom with 300mm adjustable top black leader.             Brackets: One piece clip-on L bracket suitable for wall or ceiling installation.         Top Leader: Standard top leader on all screens is 300mm. Additional leader is available, for sizes 100” & under the maximum total top black leader available is 500mm.  Additional leader must be ordered at the same time as the screen, contact the sales office for advice.

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