50-75" Heavy Duty Tilt TV Bracket

SKU: DBS5075

50-75" Heavy Duty Tilt TV Bracket

Mount your Big Screen Plasma or LCD on the wall.
This high quality bracket is perfect for mounting your new LCD or Plasma to the wall. It's a tilt type bracket, which allows you to tilt your screen up to 15 degrees up or down to best suit your viewing position.

Extra Large Version of our most popular mount
This larger version of our standard mount is perfect for larger TV's 50 inch and bigger, or TV's with wider mounting holes such as some big LG models which have mounting holes wider than the normal bracket can accommodate . This bracket also has a greater 100KG capacity for even more peace of mind.

This model makes installation easy!
The ability to tilt upward means you can mount your screen first then hook it up. Other models can be hard to mount because you need to attach the cables before you lift the plasma up onto the bracket, which can be a lot harder than it sounds! This model can also take a lock for extra security!

Will it fit my screen?
TV Screen SizeTV WeightTV Mounting Holes
This bracket will fit your TV screen (and not be visible from front on) if your TV is:
- At least 920mm wide.
- At least 510mm tall.
The four threaded mounting holes on the back of your TV need to be:
- No more than 880mm apart side to side.
- No more than 480mm apart top to bottom.
Maximum TV weight capacity is 100kg.

Bubble Level
This bracket includes a reusable bubble level / spirit level to assist with accurate installation of the bracket.

- Tilts 15 degrees
- Lockable for extra security!
- Easy to install
- Fixings supplied for most common installations
- Includes small built-in spirit level
- Also includes a free reusable bubble level


- Bracket width:920mm 
- Arm height: 510mm
- Maximum Screens mounting holes:880mm wide and 480mm high (centre to       centre of the hole)
- Tilt: 15 degrees up or down
- Distance from wall: 80mm
- Weight Capacity: 100 kg
- Recommended screen size: 50-75 inch
- Colour: Black

PLEASE NOTE: Some panels (including some Sony models) require M6 x 16mm bolts which are not included. This bracket includes a variety of screws/bolts which are suitable for most installations. Unfortunately, due to the enormous range of TV brands and models available, we're unable to guarantee that the included fixings will suit every installation. Please check manufacturers specifications of screen prior to installing.

As with all wall brackets it is essential that this bracket is fixed to a timber stud when mounting on plaster board walls.

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