Ultralift SDR-120 Spider-1200 Projector Ceiling Mount (White)

SKU: SDR-120


Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider 1200’ projector mounts are a sturdy, safe and flexible solution for your projector needs. The Spider 1200 is the installer’s choice for any projector mounting situation.

The ‘Spider 1200’ projector mount will suit any situation up to 1000mm, custom lengths available upon request..

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider 1200’ projector mount features a bottom ball mount plate, allowing secure mounting to any surface at any angle.

  • Projector Mount
  • For all sized projectors
  • Includes Universal projector mount, complete with all fixing hardware.
  • Available with optional barrel clamp – makes for simple attachment to lighting bars or scaffolding.
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