Hitachi/Maxell UL906 Ultra Long Throw Lens


Hitachi/Maxell UL906 Ultra Long Throw Lens

Product Highlights

  • Works with 9000 series projectors (CPX9110/ CPWX9210/ CPWU9410/ CPWU9100/ CPHD9950/ LPWU9750/ LPWU9100)
  • Projects from 50-600" Diagonal Display
  • Focal Length Is 82-130mm
  • 1.6x Zoom
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift

Designed for medium to large venues, the UL-906 Ultra Long Throw Lens can be used as standard option or as an accessory lens with the Hitachi 9000 series projectors. One highlight of the UL-906 is the maximum diagonal projection size of 600" (15.2 m). It projects well-defined images on a large scale, ensuring that even in a large venue everyone will be able to see your presentation.

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