Hitachi/Maxell SL902 Short Throw Lens


Hitachi/Maxell SL902 Short Throw Lens

Product Highlights

  • Works with 9000 series projectors (CPX9110/ CPWX9210/ CPWU9410/ CPWU9100/ CPHD9950/ LPWU9750/ LPWU9100 )
  • Projects from 50-600" Diagonal Display
  • Focal Length Is 17-25mm
  • 1.5x Zoom Ratio
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift

The SL902 Short Throw Lens can be used as standard option or as an accessory lens with the Hitachi series projectors. One highlight of the SL902 Short Throw Lens is the maximum diagonal projection size of 600" (15.2 m). It projects well-defined images on a large-scale, ensuring that even in a large venue everyone will be able to see your presentation.

It also has a vertical and horizontal lens shift for moving the image up or down and left or right, which increases flexibility when installing your projector.

The lens is easily installed by end users and doesn't require any special tools.

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